Syntropy Insight Bodywork Training

with Shari Sunshine and Tobin McKee

Level Two: Introduction to the Neck

September 7-8, 2019

Temescal Gateway Park, Pacific Palisades, CA
Level Two: $285

This is the second of a four-level training program that meets again in February and May. Level Four is discounted to $260 for students who complete Levels 1-3.

Course Description

The sensitivity and complexity of the neck is often overlooked in training for massage and bodywork. With the most mobile vertebrae in the spine and the nerve roots for essential survival, the body guards the neck as part of the stress response, building tension continuously.

In this course we take a close look at the Anatomy and movement of the neck. Then, we begin the insightful process of unwinding the layers of protection, affecting the entire body in the release. These techniques are easily integrated into a standard massage, and serve as the foundation for more therapeutic work.
The Teachers
With more than 60 years combined teaching experience, Somatic Educators Shari Sunshine and Tobin McKee each spent more than a decade as massage school directors. They developed Syntropy Insight Bodywork in response to the need for training that emphasizes compassionate touch, self-care, and creative improvisation.
Private Sessions
Tobin and Shari are available for private Somatic Education and Syntropy Insight Bodywork sessions on September 23 and 25. Book appointments here.