Syntropy Insight Bodywork

Syntropy Insight Bodywork

Syntropy is the fruition of more than thirty years of study, practice, and teaching therapeutic bodywork and self-care. It is not a distinct technique that therapists learn and repeat, but rather a fundamental understanding of how the body works, and what effects the therapist can have on the whole person through touch, movement, and presence.

The work is based on myofascial anatomy, neuromuscular repatterning, principles of hypnosis, principles of body-energy from various traditional and modern systems, and most importantly, practical, applicable common sense. Therapists learn how to pay attention to client's responses to touch, movement and presence, and then work directly with those responses. Understanding the fundamental principles of movement, tone and tissue consistency, a therapist invents the treatment in response to the healing responses that are happening at the time.

The goals of Syntropy Insight Bodywork are to enhance therapists' ability to facilitate tone change in muscles, induce parasympathetic dominance in the nervous system, improve the hormone balance in all body fluids, soften and mobilize connective tissue, repattern movements based on the principles of inherent function, and improve therapist-client communication. Therapists who study Syntropy notice an immediate increase in the effectiveness of their work, both in terms of therapeutic change and client appreciation.

Ultimately, Syntropy Insight Bodywork training improves therapists' ability to work effectively with clients in all states of wellness and dysfunction, providing a framework for the creative application of all massage and bodywork modalities. Syntropy is not something that you learn as a separate distinct method, but rather a fundamental understanding that you integrate into your existing practice.

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