Therapeutic Bodywork Case Studies

This three-day course is for manual therapists and yoga instructors who want to practice the techniques covered in the Therapeutic Bodywork Theory and Practice courses with real clients who are experiencing musculoskeletal dysfunction in an open-clinic classroom format. Each day will include one-and-a-half hour sessions with clients – with instructor support.

Course Schedule:
• Tue., Wed., and Thu. mornings 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
• July 15 through July 17

• $60 with multi-course discount

• The Therapeutic Bodywork Practice course is required
• The Therapeutic Bodywork Theory course is recommended
• Participation in the Myofascial Anatomy course is recommended
• Minimum 50 hours Musculoskeletal Anatomy
• Min. 150 hours massage, bodywork, manual therapy, or yoga training
• Actively working as a therapist, doctor, or yoga instructor

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