Therapeutic Bodywork Practice

This nine-day course is for manual therapists and yoga instructors who want to achieve complete muscle tone release for the treatment of dysfunctional hypertonicity, facilitate fascial state-shift for treating adhesions and dysfunctional binding along the kinetic chain, and integrate the joint alignment and movement into client's standing, walking and self-image.

Topics covered:
• Creating the conditions under which complete muscle tone release, fascial state-shift, and joint re-alignment are possible
• Facilitating profound parasympathetic dominance through patterns of touch
• The pillars of tone release: tension, movement, touch sensation, and hand placement
• Myofascial continuity and the kinetic chain
• The role of self-image in movement, function, dysfunction and therapeutic change

Course Schedule:
• Tue., Wed., and Thu. mornings, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
• June 24 through July 10

• $180 for this course by itself
• $165 with multi-course discount

• The Myofascial Anatomy course is recommended
• The Therapeutic Bodywork Theory course is recommended
• Min. 50 hours Anatomy
• Min. 20 hours Pathology
• Min. 150 hours massage, bodywork, manual therapy, or yoga training
• Actively working as a therapist, doctor, or yoga instructor
• This course is a prerequisite for the Case Studies course

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