Therapeutic Bodywork Assessment and Theory

This six-day course is for manual therapists and yoga instructors who want to apply a more comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms of disease, dysfunction, tissue regeneration, motor function, and client education to their work.

Topics covered:
• Assessment of function, dysfunction, and disease
• The mechanisms of tissue regeneration and motor function
• Neuromuscular repatterning
• The role of the immune system, emotional health, and will-power
• Myofascial continuity and the kinetic chain
• The role of self-image in movement, function, dysfunction and therapeutic change
• Touch, movement, and communication as interactions with the nervous system
• Client education

Course Schedule:
• Tue., Wed., and Thu. mornings 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
• June 10 through June 19

• $120 for this course by itself
• $105 multi-course discount

• The Myofascial Anatomy course is recommended
• Min. 50 hours Anatomy
• Min. 20 hours Pathology
• Min. 150 hours massage or yoga training
• Actively working as a therapist, doctor, or yoga instructor

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